Mitsubishi 2.7L Engine Problems
  Used Car Warranty Won't Cover Engine Blow My husband and I are going through this exact situation as we speak. Our car was purchased used from a GM dealer and bought the GM Used Car Warranty Package. Good thing we got that because we have had the drive shaft replaced, the front suspension and the camshaft all under 100,000 kms. Now we are having the oil consumption problem and this has been a thorn in our side since the end of July 2003. We are waiting for the Chrysler dealership where our car currently is to call us back. They are claiming that GMPP Warranty people have said that they will not cover this engine blow up because we did not get the oil changed every 5,000km. In fact we did do that save for two times where once we went over by 2,000 and once we went over by about 4000kms. I find it really hard to believe that a new car would have such a problem, however in doing some homework to prep for what we feel will be a lawsuit, I have found many websites including yours devoted to this situation and the others that we have already resolved. We are a single car family with two kids and still owe about $10K on the car.

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  Engine Blew On Expressway -- Oil Like Peanut Butter My 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L blew a rod at normal expressway speed. The problem was that my oil looked like peanut butter, which doesn't make sense because I change my oil regularly, and there are only 70,000 miles on the car.

Damage: $5,000 to $7,000 on a car I still owe $7,000 on.

As I called around looking for an engine, I found out that everyone knew what kind of engine I wanted before I finished getting the words out of my mouth... and they also knew WHY I needed the engine before I had to tell them.

IT'S ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT THAT CHRYSLER HASN'T RECALLED THESE ENGINES OR HELPED ANYONE WITH THE REPAIRS!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR SUCH AN OBVIOUS DESIGN FLAW!!! I want in on any class action suit, so please let me know if you are aware of one. I'm especially upset because mine blew in heavy expressway traffic, creating a very DANGEROUS situation for me! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!

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  "My Car Is Worthless With No Engine!" I have joined the unhappy legions of Dodge/Chrysler 2.7l owners who spun a rod bearing and have been asked to pony up $8800.00 (first estimate) to rebuild what seems to obviously be a defective engine design. My 2000 Intrepid (purchased new and maintained precisely to Dodge standards) started making knocking noises, at first so light that I thought I had a bad tank of gas and was "pinging". I had taken it in at least three times for "low oil" light flickering at idle, and was told that (1.) "the sensor was defective", (2.) "we'll replace the sensor". (3.) "we'll replace the oil pan" - but never "there is a known problem with this engine an we'll fix it before it breaks catastrophically and costs thousands of dollars out of your pocket!" With replacement (rebuilt) engines at around $5,000.00 on the bet, it looks like I'm had! The car is worthless with no engine! I'm also interested in a class-action lawsuit... Daimler-Chrysler should not be able to deny this and get away with it!

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  That's Customer Service? We just picked up an off-lease 2001 Concorde with the dreaded 2.7l engine and there is no heat coming from the bottom vents. We took it into our local dealer and it was FOUR DAYS out of warranty. I called Chrysler and they're willing to pay for the part but not the labour. It's a component UNDER THE DASH and it's over 3 hours of labour at $88/hr. I told the dealership to give me the part and I'll replace it myself and they said they can't. Now I don't trust Chrysler and I don't trust the dealership either. I should have stuck with Chevy. Thank god my other car's a Nissan. Remember, this car has 8,700 KM's on it! That's less than 10K!! Oh, and the "District Rep" who can only be contacted by Chrylser (What is he, the pope?) will only pay for the part but not labour. I call BS! Chrysler and Daimler, your stockholders and upper management should be ashamed! I can't believe Mercedes would sully their good name and heritage with this total unwillingness to stand behind their product.

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  Chrysler Has Just Lost Another Customer We are in Canada, actually I have given up my fight. I was going to pursue abbritration, but we had to many km on our vehicle, although it is only 4 years old. I just don't think this problem is due to poor maintance, but yet a manufacturers flaw, or defect. I forwarded my concerns to the NHTSA, and also to the local newspaper, if I can make one person aware of the problems with these 2.7 engines I'll be happy. I can only hope that they will be recalled one day! (wishful thinking!) Anyway thanks for your time. Chrysler has just lost another customer!!!!!

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  Large Loan to Pay...No Car to Drive I just came back from my Chrysler dealership with my 1999 intrepid that had the knocking start in the engine on Monday. 86,000 KM And you guessed the news is it needs a new engine. I was quoted a price of $6,848.00 plus taxes to do the job. I have registered with bigclassaction about the issue and Chrysler not willing to do anything. I am going to write Chrysler Canada today and file a complaint and contact local media shows. STUCK WITH A LARGE LOAN TO PAY OFF AND NO CAR TO DRIVE! PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!

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  Sold Intrepid -- Bought a "Beater with a Heater" With all the evidence, even just online, that Dodge engines (or rather Mopar engines created by Mitsubishi) are faulty, one would think that Dodge would be noble and ethical enough to recall the malfunctioning engine components. Like so many others whose complaints we have seen logged online, our 2000 Dodge Intrepid hit 64,000 when the oil light began to come on while the brake was pressed (then would shut off again when the driver would accelerate). When we took the car to a dealer to fix what we expected to be an electrical malfunction (since the oil had recently been changed and had faithfully been changed up to that point), we were told a 'lack of maintenance' had created the sludge that now choked our engine. The failing oil pump (creating low pressure) and the overheating manifold created the perfect scenario for a tar encasing on the engine that seemed nearly plastic, covering most parts with no less than a 1/4 inch of gunk. The Kelly Blue Book says this make and model is worth 9000 clams, and one dealer tells us they'd give us $6000 for it, even in this condition, but another dealer tells us they'd only give us $2000 on a trade in. Naturally, the car is 3 years old and past it's warranty -- too young for this problem to be jusitified, and too old to drop $3800 (or more) on to repair the engine.

Our decision? Buy a 'beater with a heater' for $1500 so I have transportation in the meantime, flush the Intrepid engine, and sell it for every penny we can with reasonable disclosure to the buyer. But if justice could stamp itself on this situation, Dodge would have recalled the engine that failed with only normal usage and good upkeep.

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  Tried Going to the Police Here I thought I was the only one that was called a liar! It's funny how the Chrysler dealership that I bought my brand new 2001 Intrepid from has never heard of a problem with this engine and I didn't change my oil or else there would be no sludge in the top of the motor. I think they should all go to jail for bold face lying about everything they say to make the sale, get out of warranty and all their offers like the bogus roadside assistance package (ain't worth s--t) just as their 100,000 km warranty is a scam also!!!! My engine has 88,000 km on it and I personally changed the oil more than their regular maintanence schedule required (I have all my receipts to prove it, though they refuse to acknowledge them). I'm so p---ed off that I have a $32,000 lemon in my drive way that I am still and will be paying $560.00 a month for the next 2 1/2 years. Please tell me why this is not against the law as the local police have told me! I don't want to have to explain my case again (9 times to deaf eared Chrysler representatives) as I know you have heard it many times by what I am reading on your site. Please tell me where I could go from here as they should be sued also for the depression they put people (I'm furiously depressed and about to blow). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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  Blew in 2002 -- Earlier than We Thought! I too had my Intrepid 2.7L engine blow at 57,963 miles with no warning. Working as a Realtor I kept my car in excellent condition even doing preventative maintenance. Oil changes were done twice as often as the owner's muanual suggested. This happened on 11-7-02 and since I had a loan on the car I had no choice but to pay $5,000.00 to have it fixed which took 3 months because of an engine shortage. Because I had to have a car to work I had to buy another car to drive while the Intrepid was being repaired. 2 car payments and insurance on 2 cars plus the cost of repair. I had an extended "bumper to bumper" warranty that denied the claim because of sludge. I'm currently at 66,000 miles and I have had to

replace the brakes
replace the fan motor twice
replace both front window motors
replace the rack & pinion
replace the dash light "chip" TWICE
A/C repair
Transmission repair

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  Yup 99 Dodge Intrepid. Great to look at but undriveable. Blown Engine. Oil Sludge. Owe $$$$ plus saving for new engine.

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  Change Oil Every 100 miles??? I can’t believe it. I’ve just been reading for the last half hour about the Intrepid sludge problem and it is my story!! I’m sitting here right now trying to figure out a way to come up with $4000 to put a USED intrepid engine in my piece of garbage. I mean I’ve been having a problem and I took it to the dodge dealership three weeks ago and they blamed my cam sensor. The wiped it off and said change my oil every 100 miles and I’ll be fine. Now they are telling me I need a new engine?!?

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  Chrysler LH Vehicle History [This writer offers an opinion about the LH line of vehicles]

I bought my 1996 Eagle vision (Which is the same car as the Dodge Intrepid) used with about 40,000 Miles on it. I am now up to 120,000 miles, and I have been a fool for keeping it as long as I have. Here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights that outline not only the poor design of this vehicle, but the dangerous disregard of [named deleted] service centers.

At about 60,000 miles, I brought the car into a local "Five Star" [name deleted] service center for some routine maintence (Replace timing belt, tune up etc.) and to deal with a few specific issues. In particular, I asked the service representative: 1) to perform diagnostics on the transmission, since it was shifting very roughly into overdrive, and 2) To go ahead and perform recall work on the fuel system rails and O rings, about which I had received a letter in the mail. A few days, and more than 800 Dollars later, the dealer told me everything was set to go. They said the transmission passed all it's diagnostics and they could find nothing wrong with it (They charged me more than $100 to reach this conclusion). Listed on the invoice with the other work, was shown "Fuel System Maintenance" which I made the huge mistake of assuming was the recall work.

The following events have transpired since the visit to the dealer:
1) The transmission completly failed just under 70,000 miles. It required a rebuild, and cost me about $1500. It is worth mentioning that since this rebuild, the transmission has some intermittant shifting issues. (early shifting in low gears when cold, and occasional bump shifting under certain conditions)

2) At about 110,000 miles, during a long drive out of state to pick up a friend, I thought I could smell a hint of gas. I was more than 400 miles from home. After spending the night at a hotel, and starting the vehicle the next morning, I noticed in the nick of time that something was dripping under the vehicle. After shutting off, noticed something was smoking under hood. The dripping substance was gasoline. The car must have leaked at least half a gallon of gas onto the pavement, and it was hitting the exhaust manifold, and smoking. I am lucky to be alive. It turns out that the fuel rails were leaking. The very component under recall I asked them to replace. After a 100$ towing fee that I had to eat, the dealer determined that according to company records, the recall work was NEVER PERFORMED. I will admit that they honoured the recall and I did not have to pay for the repairs. But given that I could have died, and that a one night trip turned into a weeklong ordeal in which I was eating the cost of hotel rooms and the towing bill, it was not a pleasant or fair experience by any stretch of the imagination.


In addition to the above issues, the following things have also occured:

-At about 50,000 miles the front end started making clanking noises when hitting bumps, and the car made a loud whirring noise while driving at all times. The repair shop had to replace both front struts (the clanking), and the front left wheel bearings (the whirring.) Total bill about 800$

-Since about 60,000 miles the steering system has been funky. Had to replace OUTER tie rod ends at around 60,000. Had to replace the INNER tie rods at around 70,000. Had to replace the steering gear bushings at about 100,000. (They clearly had needed replacement for some time, however...)
-Had to replace the passenger side exhaust manifold at about 80,000 miles. (It had a huge crack in it, but was NOT rusted)
-Had to have both engine valve cover seals replaced at 100,000 miles. Engine was leaking lots of oil and would have destroyed itself if action had not been taken.
- Had to replace engine oil pressure sensor (sender) at 100,00 miles.
- Had to replace one of the oxygen sensonrs at 80,000 miles.
- Had to replace an 'ERG' valve at 80,000 miles.

To Some it all up, people, Chrysler LH vehicles are rolling time bombs. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS USED, or you will regret it.

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  2001 Engine Blows -- Warranty Voided I would like a little more info on this stupid engine in my once new 2001 Intrepid. It really ticks me off that they (Daimler/Chrysler) can get away without honoring their warranty just by lying and saying I didn't change my oil when I did and even have the receipts to prove it. They just say no to their warranty and there is nothing you can do about it. There isn't even anywhere in Canada that you can phone and leave a complaint with. My warranty was still good for another 20,000 km and car was very well taken care of and they didn't even tell me what happened to it. They just took the one valve cover off (knowing they would find sludge) and called me a liar and said I didn't change the oil (even with all my original receipts in front of them). It seems like an easy out for them (probably less than 20 minutes shop time) to get out of honoring warranty. Please help me with any info!!!
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  Car Repo'd, Sold for $1,500 I had a 99 Dodge Intrepid with engine blow out without warning. I have maintenance records. I am not Canadian, but my car was built in Canada. I looked for 5 months for an engine for my car with no luck. I finally could not afford to keep it and the car I had to get to replace it and it has since been reposessed and sold for $1500 US. I owed almost $10000. What do I do? I've signed up on I want resolution but lawyers seem to ignore me as if this isn't worth their time. I'm desparate.
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  Several blown engines I am a current owner, soon to be an ex-owner of a 99 dodge intrepid. About two months ago my car was fine. nothing was wrong with it at all. One day my oil light came on and my first instinct was to check my oil, well I did and my oil tank was full, so I went to an auto shop and I got the oil changed, proceeded to drive the car as if it was normal. Then a knocking noise started. I called several auto shops and they told me the oil pump in the car is bad and oil was not getting to the engine. The knocking noise in the engine is the timing belt and its about to blow so don't drive the car. One auto shop stated that I most likely would need a new engine, which cost $4000.00. That shop also told me that they had three other dodge intrepids with 2.7L engines with the same problems and they needed new engines. I wanted to know how can I get this problem resolved? I think this is outrageous and some action need to taken.

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  A Class "A" Mechanic's Story I am a Class "A" Mechanic and when my 2000 Intrepid with 73,450Kms on it started to rattle I immediately shut it down. It was a good thing we did as the timing chains and tensioners were shot and the engine was completely sludged up. I have changed the oil and filter every 5,000 kms or less and yet at two Chrysler Dealers I was told my problem was due to my lack of Maintenance!

When they found out I was a mechanic and did indeed do my oil changes they changed their tune and admitted to the problem as global in the 2.7 litre engine. They wanted to automatically replace the engine for $5,500.00 to $6,000 and would not entertain rebuilding the engine. I had a local engine rebuilder clean the engine complete and replace all components such as bearing, rings, pumps etc... as well as the complete timing system. It cost me $3,162.50 but is Ѕ of Chrysler. Good Luck to all that owns a 2.7 Litre engine.

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  Glad to be Done with Chrysler We've had intrepids since 1998 and before that we had a Dodge Caravan. We had problems with the caravan engine burning oil badly. We had the 1998 intrepid just for a couple of years and then got a 2000. When the 2000 engine went, we were horrified and unbelievably inconvenienced (not to mention the fact that the engine blew out while driving). After a great amount of debating, Chrysler replaced the engine with a new one. Even though the car has a new engine, we decided to get rid of it. We had a terrible time trying to sell it or trade it in. The fact is that nobody seems to want a used intrepid and we can hardly blame them, after our experience. There are just too many reliability problems reported with these cars, and the steering problems that we've read about in some intrepids really got to us. By not recalling these cars for proper repairs, we believe Chrysler has really damaged the resale value of the car. Also, we were given such a terribly hard time when our intrepid engine blew that we just didn't want to deal with Chrysler or any Chrysler dealers any more -- ever. So we're saying so-long to Chrylser and hello to non-north american built cars.

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  You're Not Alone I can't believe what I'm finding out on the internet regarding the problems everyone is having with the Chrysler Intrepid 2.7 engine due to sludge build up I am sad to report that I am also one of those unfortunate people. We currently have our vehicle in the shop with the timing chain broken, and an enormous amount of sludge build up in the engine. I initially thought we had an isolated problem, but to my amazement I was shocked to find out how many people are or have experienced the same thing. Of course I got the run around as well from Chrysler, glad to see they really stand behind their vehicles and customers! (NOT) Thank you so much for having this site for the consumers that want to fight back!!!

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  Caught it in the Nick of Time I am interested in being part of any class action lawsuit involving the 2.7 engine.

My 2000 Intrepid is in the process right now of getting the timing chain and tensioner completely replaced. Thankfully we caught it before the timing chain broke and completely screwed the engine; therefore it ought to only cost me about a grand or so. Mileage? A bit over 58,000. We change the oil religiously every 3,000 miles; after reading all the links on this engine's problems, I am considering switching to Castrol Syntec. My mechanic said that this should never have happened at only 58,000 miles.
I have always loved my Chrysler vehicles, and I still don't plan to switch, but I am not happy about what I have been finding out about this engine. I loved my first Intrepid (it was a 1996 model and had a 3.5 24 valve engine in it). I don't like this one as much, but was OK with it till now.

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  Another Intrepid on the Road to the Scrap Heap 65,000km Oil change last week, upgraded Thu 12th Feb 04 to the synthetic. Knocking sound returned car Fri 13th Feb 04. Mechanic took out car for a run (Chrysler mech), car returns belching smoke. Diagnosis as you all know engine fried.

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  Would Rather Have an Old Chevy My wife and I have a 1999 Intrepid and just found out ( Today Feb 3 2004) that the engine ( 2.7) is done. $5,000 for a new one, $3,000 for a rebuilt one.
They blame us for lack of oil changes, when we just had one done in Dec/03 1500 Km ago!

NEVER will I buy Chrysler again. Had a Chevrolet Celebrity before this car and it was only a 4 cylinder and lasted 10 years!

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  Another Vote for Old Chevy's Not sure exactly where to start. Need to contact Chrysler Canada I guess. Only about 95,000Km on engine.

Hard to justify putting $3,000 or $5,000 into a 5 year old car. The business
my family members have given Chrysler as well as vehicles for a family
business, they will ultimately loose more than we will. $3,000 is a good
down payment on an old reliable Chevrolet.

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  This sucks. I have a 1999 intrepid with 80,000 miles. I have already replaced the timing chain at a cost of $2,200 miles and now I have an engine knock. Mechanic says that the bearings are going and I need to replace the engine. This sucks. I called my Dodge Dealer, [dealer name removed] and they of course said it was my fault for not changing the oil. I told them I did change the oil and that it was a faulty engine design that was the problem. I did not have the car serviced there because it was to far away from my house and because of that they said that they could not do anything for me.

I asked if I brought my service records with me to prove that I service the car correctly would they then take ownership of the problem and they said that they probably would not. They basically said that unless it was serviced by them they could not guarantee that the work was done correctly by my mechanic even though I have all my work done at the local [name removed] dealership. I would think that they would be considered reputable.

I am now looking for a class action law suit to join.

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  Won't Buy Any More North American Cars I have purchased a 2000, 2.7 Intrepid last year from previous owner. In one year I had to change the engine?! I will never ever buy any north american car ever. With the hope that this network becomes bigger so everyone notices our comments.

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  Shameful! Bought our Intrepid brand new in 2000 and at 3 years old with just under 80,000
miles it is shot! Did routine maintenance and changed the oil on a regular
basis at 3,000 to 4,000 miles even though owner's manual states oil changes at
7,500 miles. In October, 2003 the day after I had my oil changed, I started
hearing a slight knocking noise and took the car to my mechanic. Mechanic
proceeded to tell me that my engine had sludge build up in it and would have to
be replaced at a cost of between $4K - $6K. Mechanic also told me that this was
a very common and "known" problem with the Intrepid 2.7L V6 engine but that so
far Dodge has refused to recall the engine. Told me that oil should actually be
changed at least every 2,500 miles religiously and that we should use SYNTHETIC
oil (owners manual does NOT say this - WHY?!?). Mechanic was very sympathetic
and said "Don't take my word for it do an internet search for Intrepid Engine
Sludge and see what comes up". Followed his suggestion and was absolutely
shocked and disgusted at what I found! The number of people having this EXACT
SAME PROBLEM is just shameful!

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  *Sigh* engine went out at 59000 miles .replaced engine because of sludge.paid 6580.51. changed oil every 3000 miles. have 2nd engine at 35000 miles and oil light is coming on.

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  Did Your Owner's Manual Really Say That? without warning, my 2000 intrepid started to sound like a roulette wheel under the hood...just found out from the mechanic it's because i hadn't changed my oil for 5 months (about 8,000 KM), so sludge has built up and my timing chain may be ruined..he's quoted me $2000 to fixt the least...could be up to $4,000. what the hell is that about? if someone had've told me when i bought this car, that if i didn't change my oil every 3 months religiously, that my engine would blow, i would have been more careful. now i'm looking on the internet and i see i'm not alone.... pathetic... i love my car, but will never buy a dodge/chrysler again. i'm not happy.

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  **2000 Intrepid Steering Failure** [This Dodge Intrepid owner wrote to us with a very disturbing story about how the car's steering failed. We confirmed with the customer that it was on a 2000 Intrepid. Luckily, the person was not injured. However, because of stories like this that have been sent in to our site and others, we've now decided that we're going to sell our Intrepid and get a different car.]

As I was on my way home yesterday, I attempted to make a right onto the highway when my steering column locked into the right turn position, causing me to crash into the concrete divider. Thank God I didn't get all the way on the highway. Anyway, a claims adjuster is coming out to look at it - it is not driveable - and think Chrysler is responsible for it. I found out that others have reported the same problem to the company and it refused to do anything about it.

Right now, since it just happened Monday, I'm having it worked on to find out what exactly caused the lock-up. I just had a four wheel alignment in mid-December, it seems that if something was going wrong with the steering column, I would've been notified. I haven't contacted an attorney concerning Chrysler, yet. After reading the different stories on your website, I'm sure it should have been recalled. It's only three years old with less than 55K miles on it!

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